Learn, Engage, and Play!

LEAP offers fun, interactive, science classes and parties/events for children, ages 2-12. LEAP meets national and state curriculum standards and is very hands-on and reinforces science concepts. Your child will have a blast while learning; From making their own fossils, to touching real ocean life. They will discover the best science has to offer.

LEAP services preschoolers, after-school and summer camp programs, and elementary schools in the Carolina's.

​We pride ourselves for making each class uniquely tailored based on the individual group of children. 

LEAP is a remarkable program that encourages children to think for themselves, learn by doing, and view the world through excited eyes.  LEAP educators come directly from the classroom and have experience with all ages, therefore the program is designed to change with each age group that is taught, becoming age-appropriate for every child.  Whether it’s holding a star fish, seeing how a tornado develops, or making slime....every LEAP class is preformed with the intention of encouraging learning, engaging, and playing!

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New! Classes now    open to the pubic!

Starting the first week of March, we will offer 3 classes for children in the Harrisburg Town Hall each week (Left side entrance, across from Romp n' Roll) 

Ages 2-5: Class will be each Thursday, from 2- 2:45pm

Ages 5-10: Option of 4- 5pm, or 6- 7pm

To learn more and register, please visit https://www.harrisburgnc.org

or call 704-455-7275

Direct link to register: https://secure.rec1.com/NC/harrisburg-nc/catalog


LEAP Mission Statement: We strive to create an academic, physical, emotional, social, and safe environment where children can have joy from learning about the world we live in. We care to create, support, and maintain powerful and engaged learning in science for children!


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