Home school and Summer Camp


Our home school and summer camp mini-labs are uniquely designed to children ages 5 through 12 and are both educational and tons of fun! We bring our portable, mini-labs to you and completely take care of set up, clean up, and break down. 

Details and Pricing: 

  •  All supplies, materials, lesson plans, and instructors are provided.

  • We take complete care of set up, break down, and cleaning. 

  • Labs will last about 90 minutes depending on the school’s schedule and which lab it is.

  • The cost is $220 per class with a maximum of 20 kids. For more than 20 children, it is an additional $6 per child. 

  • To book a class, a $100 non-refundable deposit must be paid the day of booking. 

  • Classes must be booked at least two weeks in advance.

  • The $100 deposit will be deducted out of the total amount and the remaining balance will be due at least 2 days prior to the scheduled class. 


Slime Lab 

Campers will love making their own slime! Multiple slime recipes, colors and materials are provided. Children can even make magnetic slime, glow-in-the-dark slime, and color- changing slime!

Forensic Science 

Children will solve a crime investigation by finding evidence, dusting for finger prints, and looking at clues under microscopes! Prizes given!

Rainbow Fizzy Foam Lab 

The children will all get to erupt their own colorful fizzy foam reaction, mix colors and make rainbows with edible foamy-desserts, and see a rainbow light project a rainbow across the room!

Jurassic Adventures 

Children get to dig for dinosaur fossils, hold a real prehistoric dinosaur tooth, dress up like paleontologists, and watch a 4-foot tall realistic volcano erupt up to 25 feet high!  

Bubble Science 

Campers get to create GIANT bubbles, hold touchable bubbles, pop dry ice bubbles, and take turns standing inside a real bubble! 

Winter Weather 

Children get to make and play in their own snow, build a snow man, and create frozen bubbles while learning about the science of winter weather! Available any time of the year! 

Neon Glow Lab 

Campers get to watch an awesome glow science show in black lights, create glow-in-the-dark objects and jewelry.  Black lights and glow sticks are included!  

Ocean Commotion 

Children will get to create a realistic jelly fish in a jar, play in super-fun ocean sensory bins, touch and hold various types of ocean life, and look at ocean life under a microscope. Each child will take home a real shark tooth!

Journey through NASA 

Children will get to try on space suits and helmets, taste space food, enjoy stomp rocket competition games, and watch a rocket blast up to 1,500 feet high!   

Solar and Wind Energy 

Students will get to fly a 50 foot long solar air bag outside, use wind energy to generate light, see the world's smallest solar powered car, and more! 

Everything electrons

 Use static wands to make objects levitate in the air, have a static relay race, experiment with many magnetic activities, and use their own energy to conduct electricity!

Bugs and botany 

Children get to observe live, rare types of moths and butterflies, an ant farm, a roly-poly playground, and more! Campers get a closer look at the insects that surround us! The children will also get to feed a Venus fly trap plant and look at different types of plants and flowers under a microscope. 

Water Science Lab 

Children are introduced into the world of scientific research and analytical thinking through a series of fun projects revolving around water gel beads and polymers, get to create their own water filtration system out of natural resources, and play fun water games!

 2020 5-week Summer Camp  Session 

In most of our partnered centers, school-agers will also get the chance to enroll in our summer program! Our exciting, 5-week summer session will start on 7/13/2020 and will end the week of 8/10/2020. All ages can enroll! We will visit once a week on a day that does not conflict with field trips or other planned activities.

Cost: $60 for entire session/$20 registration fee= $80 Total 

Week 1: Beach Exploration!

Kids will take a closer look at sand, seashells, and more under microscopes, feel the different types of sand, play in beach sensory bins, and touch amazing different types of seashells and small ocean life (such as sand dollars and starfish) as they dive deeper into learning about what is to find at the beach!

Week 2: Dirt Lab  

Jr. Scientists get to make a terrarium and a natural water filtration system in this super fun lab that teaches about soil, rocks, mineral, and more as they learn about natural resources and they are so important to the earth!

Week 3: Shark Week 

Children get to play in ocean sensory bins full of different types of sharks, play fun shark games, take home a real shark tooth, and more as they learn all about the different varieties of sharks and what makes them so amazing!

Week 4: Safari Animals 

Jr. Scientists get to create their own safari animal, hold realistic replicas of safari animals, and more as they learn all about wild safari animals!

Week 5: Watermelon Science!

Children get to dissect a watermelon, take a close look at watermelon under a microscope, erupt a watermelon volcano, take home watermelon seeds to grow, and more in this awesome summer science lab.!

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