Interested in partnering with us?

You can book a free trial class with us! No money involved, no hassle, and no obligations! We can do a trial class with ages 2 and up, with as many as 4 classrooms. For our trial class, we do our popular bubble science lab! 

The children help us make their own bubble solution, create giant bubbles, watch their teacher stand inside a bubble, and more!  Each class lasts about 20 minutes. Please call us at 704-629-8817 or use the contact form to let us know you wish to book a free trial class and someone will be in touch that same day.



-Offer an exciting, fun, educational program to your parents

-Help make your center stick out

-We educate children on science topics while they are doing something so fun they don't even realize they are learning! 

-We provide science-based resources and tools to your staff and classrooms.

-Any of your staff members with children enrolled at your center receive 50% off and a waived registration fee for the LEAP classes. 

LEAP instructors full take care of the set up, clean up, and break down and make everything hassle free for you and your staff. We also handle all of the marketing, payments, and organization. When LEAP was created, we discussed how we wanted to be a breath of fresh air when we walk through the door. We know your days are hectic and long, but we want to give you a genuine smile when we walk through the front door! We want LEAP to be a beneficial program for EVERYONE involved, and that includes you and your staff members. 

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