Leap hosts weekly after-school classes at certain elementary schools in the greater Charlotte area.

We offer a 10-week fall session, and a 10-week spring session for elementary kids. Our after-school is hosted once a week from the time school lets out, until 6 pm. We offer a snack drink, homework time, and our program time. Everything the children learn is super fun and educational- Implementing games, exciting experiments, fun activities, and more into our unique programs of study.

Our exciting, educational after-school programs are:

-Jr. Marine Biologists Program 

-Jr. Zoologist Program

-Jr. Medical Science Program 

-Jr. Veterinary Science Program 

-Jr. Astronomer Program

-Engineering Science Program

-Robotic Science Program

-Foresnic Science Program 

-Jr. Meterologist Program  

In Spring 2020, we will offer a 10 week Jr. Medical Science program where students can learn the basics of medical science, how to perform CPR, basic CPR, learn basic medical equipment, hear from guest speakers, and much more. Classes will be hosted at select schools one day each week until 5 pm. Children must be picked up by 5 pm. After 5:05 pm, a dollar per minute late charge will take affect. The after-school classes are taught by real teachers in conjunction with medical science professionals. We rotate our programs each semester. 

The cost of our after-school program is $120 for the entire 10-week program.  

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