Educating Preschoolers through fun! 

LEAP offers a fun, hands-on program for preschoolers hosted at various centers in the greater Charlotte, NC area.


Our preschool program is tailored for early childhood education by professionals and is age appropriate even for toddlers who just turned two! We split the classes depending on age so what you do with the twos is different then what we do with the 4 and 5 year old's.


Preschoolers will get to experience a wide variety of science themes in each session. We offer a 10 week session in the fall, 10 week session in the winter, and a 10 week session in the Spring. Each class and each session is different. Our preschool program is educational and promotes scientific and analytical thinking at a young age. We urge you to read the article,  to get a better understanding of why science is so important at an early age.

Studies show science gets a "back seat" in early childhood education, because many teachers do not feel that have the confidence to teach science. While we work with little ones, we also provide resources and community outreach so that ECE teachers can gain more confidence in teaching science.

Additional Notes:

-All of our experiments are kid friendly, non-toxic, and safe. 

-All of our instructors have degrees, approved qualification letters, and experience with young children. 

- We visit each school once a week within our 10 week sessions. 

Leap Partnered Early Childhood Centers:

-Little Learners-Harrisburg, NC

-Sunshine House, Mint Hill, NC

-Cadence Academy, Raintree location-Charlotte, NC

-Cadence Academy, Kenton location-Huntersville, NC

-Cadence Academy-Mckee rd- Matthews location

-Rainbow CC- Huntersville, NC 

-Sunshine House- Concord, NC 

-Rainbow CC- Charlotte, NC (Stafford rd)    





Preschool Class Schedule

2020 Spring Session

                                          Our 6 week Spring session will start on 4/20/2020 

Week 1:

Save The Bees!

Week 2:

Exploring Biology with Strawberries


Week 3:

Butterflies And Moths


Week 4:

The science Behind Hot Air Balloons


Week 5:

Discovering Venus Fly Trap Plants


Week 6:

Rainbow Lab & Awards

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